About The Barefoot Ballroom


The Barefoot Ballroom formerly Crazywood opened in 2010 in Huntsville, Texas as a retreat space for Dance and Yoga offerings. After a hiatus of 5 years the Barefoot Ballroom opens with the Movement Marathon. This opening is intended to reintroduce dancers and facilitators to the space and its availability for workshops, dances, and intensives on a daily basis.  

What to Bring?

- Water for the Day
- Picnic for personal snacks or potluck contribution
- Towel/Swimsuit for the Cold Plunge, Steam, and Shower
Video Walkthrough

Information & Policies

- Lunch will either be brought by the guest for a picnic or potluck-style meal


- Guests can leave to visit one of the many closeby restaurants

- 2 private restrooms are available for guest use

- 2 open-air public showers (1 indoor, and 1 outdoor) are available for guest use

- We do NOT maintain a Lost and Found anything left will be DONATED to the SAAFE House

- Camping or any form of overnight stay on the premises is prohibited 

- There is no stove or fridge available for guest use

- Please keep the bulk of food and snacks in vehicles until lunch

- There will be a common table in the kitchen for sharing

- Food and beverages should remain outdoors or in the kitchen

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Barefoot Ballroom Map

1219 14th Street, Huntsville, TX 77340

Parking for events is located off 14th street in a private lot. Overflow parking is street parking along 14th street and at the Huntsville Public Libary

Local Huntsville Dining

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